Nebeus 2023 Wrapped: Empowering Finances

Explore Nebeus's dynamic 2023—exceeding funding goals, simplifying crypto spending, and empowering digital nomads. Join us in shaping a future where financial possibilities are limitless.

As we bid farewell to 2023, Nebeus proudly reflects on a year filled with milestones, innovation, and community growth. From the launch of cutting-edge financial tools to participation in renowned industry events, let's reflect on the key highlights that have shaped Nebeus's success over the past year.

1. Funding Success: Fueling Growth with €1.3 Million in Seedrs Crowdfunding

Nebeus surpassed expectations by raising €1.3 million through a successful Seedrs crowdfunding campaign, achieving a remarkable 125% of the initial goal. This financial injection propels Nebeus into an exciting growth phase, with plans to further enhance our services, expand our team, and pursue additional licenses. Seedrs marks the starting point of a larger Series A round, where Nebeus aims to secure a total of €10 million in funding.

2. Nebeus Crypto Card: Making Crypto Spending Seamless


In response to the evolving cryptocurrency landscape, Nebeus introduced the Crypto Card, available in both physical and virtual formats. This card empowers users to spend their crypto balances securely and globally, eliminating intermediaries and off-ramp providers. As cryptocurrencies move towards mainstream adoption, the Nebeus Crypto Card serves as a crucial tool in simplifying transactions and advancing the practicality of digital assets.

3. Nebeus Nomad Accounts: Revolutionizing Financial Freedom for Digital Nomads

Tailored to the unique needs of digital nomads, freelancers, and marketplaces, Nebeus Nomad Accounts stand as a testament to our commitment to global financial empowerment. The app seamlessly integrates multi-currency mass payouts, virtual IBANs, cryptocurrency services, and globally issued debit cards. As the world embraces remote work, Nebeus Nomad Accounts provide a comprehensive solution to the growing community of digital nomads, totalling 35 million worldwide.

4. Participation in Industry Events: Sharing Insights and Shaping the Future

Throughout the year, Nebeus has actively engaged with key players in the fintech arena, making a notable presence at industry-leading conferences such as Money 2020 Amsterdam, Fintech Brussels, and Web Summit Lisbon. These strategic involvements not only positioned Nebeus as a thought leader in the dynamic fintech landscape but also facilitated valuable exchanges of insights and ideas with industry peers.

5. App and Web Redesign: A Fresh and Cleaner Look

In addition to our financial strides, Nebeus is proud to unveil a new app and web redesign, introducing a fresh and cleaner look. The redesigned interface brings forth a seamless, intuitive navigation experience, ensuring that users can effortlessly access and leverage Nebeus's array of financial tools with enhanced visual appeal and user-friendly aesthetics.


Our commitment to empowering individuals globally is evident in every service and product we've launched this year. From the Nebeus Visa Card to the Crypto Card and the innovative Nomad Accounts, each addition is a testament to our dedication to simplifying, securing, and democratizing financial management.

As we look ahead, Nebeus remains steadfast in its mission to redefine financial experiences, ensuring they are adaptable, user-centric, and inclusive. Here's to a future where financial empowerment knows no boundaries, and Nebeus continues to lead the way in shaping tomorrow's finance, today.

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