Listen Up: What's the Best Crypto Podcast in 2021 ?

If you’re wondering what the best podcast on cryptocurrency might be, don’t worry – we have a few suggestions for you.

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, podcasts are one of the best ways to get yourself started.

After all, the key to learning is through immersion. In other words, to effectively understand a topic, you have to consistently expose yourself to material related to the field you’re trying to learn about. Podcasts are precisely one of the best ways to do so, given their accessibility, convenience, and the myriad of choices available at your fingertips. Especially if you work a day job and don’t have enough time to read a book or take an online course.

If you’re wondering what the best podcast on cryptocurrency might be, don’t worry – we have a few suggestions for you. Here are three top crypto podcasts that we think are worth plugging into.

For those seeking a deep dive into the scene:

Podcast #1 - Unchained with  Laura Shin

Is any list out there really complete without Unchained by Laura Shin? Unchained is regarded by many as one of the most reputable podcasts on the web. Some even call it the best cryptocurrency podcast out there. This is a hardly surprising opinion, given how clearly and informatively Laura and her guests deliver insights. Best of all, even if you aren’t highly familiar with cryptocurrencies, Unchained is presented in such an easy way that it’s excellent for beginners.

Laura’s podcast typically takes on the form of an interview with an expert in the field. Her show covers topics such as innovation, investment, and the industry itself through back and forth conversations. Beyond this, Unchained also spends time delving into the various regulatory aspects surrounding cryptocurrencies, which is a significant but often overlooked area to be aware of.

Her recent guests have included MetaKovan, the now-famous buyer of Beeple’s ‘Everydays’ NFT for $69 million, and billionaire investor Mark Cuban.

With the rise of Web 3.0 and the decentralized revolution, it’s all the more important to understand everything that’s going on. There is no better way to do that than by tuning into Unchained.

For those striving to improve themselves:

Podcast #2 - Market Meditations with Koroush AK

Beyond the sheer potential blockchain technologies hold, one of the reasons people are interested in cryptocurrencies is that they strive to achieve financial and occupational independence. Market Meditations was created with this in mind – to inspire individuals to build richer lives for themselves through sharing stories from fascinating people in the cryptocurrency scene.

His recent guests have included Camila Russo, founder of Defiant News, and Andrew Steinworld, founder of the first NFT investment fund, Sfermion.

While Market Meditations covers the entire host of current topics in today’s cryptocurrency scene, from Decentralized Finance to NFTs, Koroush’s podcast does so in a unique way. His podcast stands out in particular because of the highly personalized angle it adopts. From self-made entrepreneurs to traders and journalists, Market Meditations smoothly integrates discussions of these topics with his guests’ backgrounds and narratives.

If you’re looking for that daily boost of motivation, Market Meditations is definitely the best cryptocurrency podcast for that.

For beginners and those short on time:

Podcast #3 - The Decrypt Daily

Trying to keep up with the news in the cryptocurrency world can get exhausting at times. The industry moves at the speed of light, with new projects and trends emerging every day. If you’re struggling to take note of these updates, The Decrypt Daily is an excellent resource to help you out.
The podcast covers topics such as financial markets, economics, and the latest news in the cryptocurrency industry, all with the guidance of its host, Matthew Aaron. Some recent topics have included Coinbase’s valuation and the class-action lawsuit filed against cryptocurrency hardware wallet giant Ledger.

One of the best things about Decrypt Daily is that it manages to pack plenty of information into its typically 20 to 30 minute long episodes. Unlike most podcasts that stretch on for close to an hour, Decrypt Daily aims to keep its episodes short and to the point, all while ensuring never compromising quality.

Concise, informative, and straightforward, this podcast is perfect for those who are strapped for time.

Stay Tuned

While we’ve listed three of what we believe are the top podcasts, don’t just stop there. There are plenty more podcasts out there, each with their own established niche. After making your way through the entire catalog on the internet, you’ll most likely have your own opinion on what the best crypto podcast is, and rightfully so. Whatever you listen to, the most important thing is to choose podcasts that you connect with so as to make sure you continue to learn and stay engaged.

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