Join us in helping the under-privileged in Africa!

Nebeus Charity
Nebeus Charity

In September we launch a nano-loan program to top-up the balances of mobile phones. To make this work, we developed some very cool software tools and connected to more than 200 mobile operators around the world.

While developing our application, we learned that many people could not even afford $ 2 a month to spend on mobile communications. In some places, a mobile phone call is the only way to get help or call a doctor.

It is for them that we open this fundraising campaign to help people in difficult life situations pay for mobile communications. How does it work? Every month we will raise funds through fundraising. Even $ 1, $ 2, $ 3 will help someone stay in touch with their family and friends and maybe also help make a living. Everything that we raise, we use to top-up the balances of mobile phones of people who request our assistance. We will also cover all costs associated with the process of topping up. 

Why should you trust us? We are a five-year-old company that has been active in Africa for quite some time. We promise to spend 100% of the raise on topping up phones, zero on administrative costs – unlike many others.